While tattoos are becoming more and more the norm for our society, there is still quite a bit of false information out there. Old myths that have been floating around since tattoos first came to the Western World are still out there, and most people believe these tales! Like most things, tattoos are something different, and different things often scare people.

So instead of being fearful of these things, why not learn about them instead? Here are some common myths about tattoos that can be easily debunked.

Myth: If you get a tattoo, you’ll never be able to donate blood.

While you won’t be able to donate blood the day after you get a new tattoo, you will have to wait. All states require a waiting period before you’re able to donate again, so be sure to check. As for California, if you obtained your tattoo in the state, you will not be deferred at all (as long as it was done in a regulated shop)! However if your tattoo was done out of state, you will have to wait 12 months before donating.

Myth: Chlorinated water will make your tattoo fade.

It’s definitely not a good idea to go swimming with a fresh tattoo, however water doesn’t get below the first layers of skin, so it can’t cause fading. The needles of a tattoo machine penetration deep into the skin, and going swimming won’t cause ink to leak or fade from a tattoo.

Myth: When a tattoo is old, it turns blue. 

This is true for tattoos that were done about 50 years ago. If you notice your grandparents with tattoos, chances are they’re unrecognizable blobs of blue. Ink has been vastly improved since then!

Myth: Tattooed people will never get a good career.

 Tattoos are more mainstream than they used to be, and while not everyone is as accepting of them as others, it’s no longer something employers are focusing on. Although most companies can and still do enforce a dress code to cover exposed tattoos. So don’t feel limited to what job you can apply for anymore!

Myth: Anyone artistic can be a tattoo artist.

This myth seems to be gaining ground at a disturbingly fast rate. Being artistic is a great foundation for becoming a tattoo artist, however, not everyone who is an artist can just pick up a tattoo machine. It requires technical knowledge that takes quite some time to master, and proper equipment.

Art by Drain (Modesto Location)

Myth: Getting a tattoo is more painful than childbirth.

Why this is even a myth is a big mystery to us, but it is for some reason. A tattoo is nowhere near on the same pain level as having a baby! If you’re afraid of the pain, just imagine scratching a sunburn over and over again vs. pushing a watermelon out of your body. Which seems more painful?


Art by Nick (Modesto Location)

Myth: You can’t have an MRI done if you have a tattoo. 

Ink used to contain high levels of metals in the past, but they’re much safer now. The ink that is being used nowadays no longer contains metals, such as mercury. Since there isn’t any metal in the ink, which means there’s no reaction during an MRI.

Like many things, tattoo culture is always evolving. If you’re on the fence about getting a tattoo because one of these myths, or another one you may have heard, is holding you back, don’t let it! Do your research, ask your friends and family who have tattoos, and don’t be afraid. Tattoos are one of the best ways to express yourself.

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