You’re always warned that you should get a tattoo you’ll want forever, because it’ll be on you forever. That statement isn’t completely true anymore, thanks to modern day technology. Tattoo removal treatments have come a very long way, making it possible for those who are living with tattoo regrets to have them removed from their skin.

We’ve recently partnered with a local business based out of Sacramento, called! They started as a way to help their community of people who have old or faded tattoos that want them removed to have a fresh start on life, and have grown into something amazing. Their cliental ranges from the soccer mom who regrets that tramp stamp they got done in college, to those who’ve just been released from prison and want to erase their past and start anew.

They offer discounts to law enforcement, nurses, EMTs, and fire fighters, and they offer discounts to those who want to enter the military! As a company that is trying to better their community, they also donate a portion of their profits to support House of Acts, a home in Oak Park used to help at-risk youth.

The Process

So how exactly is a tattoo removed? How is something that’s supposedly permanent taken off your skin? Laser tattoo removal uses laser light to break up tattoo ink into small particles that your body will absorb naturally. The laser penetrates the outer skin layers and only targets the tattoo ink. Your body’s immune system then removes the particles. Black, red and dark blue color pigment are easiest to remove. Other colors, such as green, are more difficult to remove.

Your First Appointment

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes time for your first appointment.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork and have pictures of your tattoo taken
  • Tattoos must be a minimum of 6 weeks old (6 months or more is preferred)
  •  If there is body hair in the area to be treated, please shave the area prior to arrival
  • After treatment, the area must be iced for 20 minute increments for the first 24 hours-plan your day accordingly
  • Avoid sun exposure of the treatment area throughout treatment and for six months after last treatment. Sunscreen is acceptable
  •  If you plan on using numbing medication pre-treatment-arrive 45 minutes prior to your appointment time for application
  •  No Accutane use for minimum of 6 months prior to treatment

It typically takes 8-10 laser sessions for a tattoo to be completely removed, depending on the case. You can also have it lightened enough for it to be covered with a new tattoo!

If you’re one of our clients and are interested in tattoo removal, you can stop by the shop and pick up an card for a great deal! Since we’ve partnered with them, they’re offering only our clients a deal of a $95/hour session for a business card size tattoo or smaller.

New Beginnings

You don’t have to keep living with an old tattoo that haunts you. No matter the reason you want it removed, the amazing people at are there to help! They’re doing what they can to change lives, one laser at a time.