Emerald Cares

If you’ve lived in the San Joaquin, Sacramento, and Stanislaus county then you know it’s no secret that Emerald Tattoo & Piercing has always given back to its communities. Charity work is something that we’ve always prided ourselves on. It’s second nature to help our fellow man in need, and we have made it a priority in our business. From helping out a local scout troop when their tip jar was stolen, to donating school supplies for over 500 kids, Emerald Tattoo & Piercing has been there.

Emerald in the Community

Charity work is something that has always been vital to our company. We have given back to the communities that we’ve set up shop in because we want to support our customers. Josh Hughes, Emerald Tattoo & Piercing’s founder and owner, says, “We feel that serving our communities is our duty. If it wasn’t for the people in them we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Never Ending

Our work in our communities, neighborhoods, state, and country, will never be done. We’re always on the look out for ways that we can help our fellow man. If you have a suggestion or a local charity that is in need of help, please feel free to contact us!

No matter how big you get, you’re never too big to help others.