The 411 on Tattoo Financing

The Idea

You’ve had a design in your mind for a while, but things keep popping up. It seems like it’s been years since your last tattoo, and even then, you weren’t happy with it. You took your friend of a friend’s offer for a cheap tattoo that they did out of their garage, and it didn’t come out how you wanted. So you’ve been saving up, but it seems like any time you have a good amount put away, the car breaks down, or the washing machine goes out. Then one day, you come across Emerald Tattoo and find out they do financing on custom tattoos!

Art by Cody (Modesto Location)

The Experience 

Applying for financing is easy, and you get approved right away. After you find out how much you are approved for, you come in to Emerald Tattoo for your consultation. All the artists are easy to work with, and they can sketch up your idea exactly how you want. When it comes to having something on your skin permanently, going to cheap route isn’t the greatest. Let the artists at Emerald Tattoo create something beautiful for you, and something you’ll be proud to show off!

The Benefits

There are so many things that tattoo financing can do for you. You’ll be able to get your custom piece done, and the cost won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket.

It will build your credit!

You have a same as cash 90-day option!

No penalties for early pay off!

Terms up to 24 months!

You get approval within minutes!

1. Sapphire ($350-$1000)

2. Garnet ($1001-$2000)

3. Emerald ($2001-$3000)

From time to time, we offer something special to our customers depending on which tier you fall in.

So with this amazing program that we offer, the only limit is your imagination. And the amount of skin you have!

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