When is it time to upgrade?

The number one question we get all the time is “When can I switch out my jewelry?”. Everyone wants to change out their new piercings for some new shiny pretty jewelry as soon as they can, but it’s not that simple! Your piercing needs time to heal first before you’re able to change it out. Depending on what kind of piercing it is, it can take longer than others before it’s healed. Check out this handy healing chart to get an idea.

Ear lobe, Eyebrow, Labret 6-8 weeks
Lip, Septum, Tongue 6-8 weeks
Monroe, Nipple, Nostril, Tragus 2-3 months
Navel 6 months - 1 year
Cartilage 4 months - 1 year

Proper Jewelry Size

Successful healing is the goal with any piercing, and we give you the tools and information that you need to help you get there. We also make sure that each piercing is done with the proper jewelry, and sometimes that isn’t always the best choice for long term wearing. Initial piercings are usually done with longer jewelry, to allow for enough space for swelling. Oral piercings should be switched out after healing to minimize the risk of possible damage to your teeth and gums.

Piercing by Cheryl —>

If you have a nostril piercing that you’re ready to switch out to a hoop, it’s best to come into the shop and have one of our very experienced piercers do that for you! The first jewelry change can be a little difficult! So when you are ready to change your standard jewelry to something different, come on in! It’s better to stop in than risk not being able to get the new jewelry in yourself and risk your piercing closing up.

We have it all!

We are always getting new inventory! Come in, see what we have, and if nothing strikes your fancy, we can always special order something for you! We want to make sure each one of our customers are satisfied and happy, and we will go the extra mile to do so!