Our artist pride themselves on custom designs and being able to create unique, one of a kind artwork for each of our clients.  This allows our artists to take the time to sit down with each client and discuss the tattoo design in full.  The artist can begin the drawing process with all of the information that they will need to create a tailored tattoo to each clients' idea.  This design element is key to their work, so they prefer to not quote through email or over the phone because it lacks the often necessary communication that they gain by having each client come in for a in-person consultation.  We will make exceptions for those clients who are out of the area, but again, they would prefer to have a consultation in person.

Oral Piercings:
Tongue, Smilie, and Frownie $30 each
Nose Piercing:
Nostril $15 and Septum $30
Facial Piercings
Eyebrow and Lip $15
Monroe, Labret, Vertical Labret and Ashley $25 each
Anti-Eyebrow and Cheek $35 (both Cheeks for $65)
Body Piercings:
Navel, Lower Navel, and Horizontal Navel $25 each
Nipples $30 (Pair for $50)
Ear Piercings:
Lobe $15
Lobe Stretch $10 per size
Tragus, Conch, Helix, Anti-Helix, Rook, Daith, Snug $25 each
Industrial and Anti-tragus $30 each
Orbital $35
Dermal Anchors:
$50-$60(based on location)
All piercings come with standard jewelry. Gem Upgrade is $10. H2Ocean Aftercare $10


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